Teacher Resources

Patrisia Leanos

September 29, 2016


Teacher Resources

            Now a days it is more common for teachers to use outside resources to help on their teaching. It not only helps them be a more “modern” teacher but it also helps get students engaged in the lesson plan. Using different teaching methods not only gets you out of the same routine but it gives the students involved because they don’t have to sit through another lecture. I think with proper planning using different methods such as games, charts/grids, or even a power point could get students more interested in the lesson plan.

My high school Spanish teacher used to allow us to play a game to help us learn Spanish words. Since then I knew this would be a game I would want to play with my students because it not only gets them excited about winning but it also helps their vocabulary. We would receive a word in English which we would then have to translate and find it on the word wall and hit it before the other team did. As the rounds went on we would all get excited because both teams wanted to win. To make it more fun and get students to actually try I would give the winning team either extra credit or bonus points on a quiz. That way they not only practice their vocabulary but they are also retrieving from memory words that will be on a future test.

Another way to not bore students with another lecture is a power point. From what I learned from a previous speech class you don’t want to make a power point as boring as a lecture. To keep my students engaged I would try to make the power point as interactive as possible by asking questions of what the slides are covering. I would also add in visuals such as pictures or short video clips to help my students better understand the topic that is being taught. The last thing you want is to have a slide show filled with bullet points that will bore your students because then they will lose interest.

One of the things I find to be effective in teaching is to keep students organized. It not only helps when it comes to grading but it keeps the student focused on what needs to be learned. When learning new vocabulary and conjugating I would make charts for my students to help them in knowing how the word is conjugated differently. They would fill out the charts and then later use them on homework or to study for vocabulary tests. In the long run I would hope these charts would have helped my students learn the conjugating methods and no longer have to rely on them come mid-semester.

Overall what I hope for my students is for them not to dread coming to my class. I don’t want my students to see me as the teacher that is always making them take notes. I want them to look forward to coming to my class and learning something new. By keeping the students interested and interacted with the subject I hope it helps them in learning the material. I know each student will be different in the way they learn, but I hope that these different methods will help assist the different learning styles I will have. After all if I’m not trying new things and learning as I go I will never know what works and what doesn’t.


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